Did you know that 1 in 10

Washingtonians struggle with food insecurity and 1 in 6 kids live in a household that struggles with putting enough food on the table? These stats are pre COVID-19.  Kitsap Bank is partnering with local area food banks to help feed those in need. Want to help? Check out all the various shred events we are hosting, “From Shred to Fed”, across our communities, and come unload all those documents you’ve been wanting to get rid of. Make a monetary donation of your choosing and make a difference for many! Our first two events are at our Port Townsend and Sequim branches on Saturday, September 19 from 9 am to noon! See details below.

From Shred to Fed!  We’re pleased to partner with local food banks around the region, hosting Shred Events on Saturdays from 9am-Noon during September and October.  Bring your sensitive or outdated documents for safe destruction and disposal, and support your local food bank at the same time!   All proceeds raised will go to the local food bank.  Monetary donations only, please.  Maximum of 75 pounds of shred per vehicle.  For more information, please visit our website https://f1q.co/2Z3U7ah.

Shred to Fed Locations of Events.

Come to the Silverdale Shred to Fed event on September 26th.

Kitsap Bank Shred Event

First Shred to Fed Event is Saturday, September 19th.